Here there is a list of the most common work that I do. However, if you don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact me and together will find a solution!

  • Mix: If for any reason you already have you project recorded, I will mix it and you will will obtain great results that we will discuss until you really like it! Doesn’t matter if your recordings are the result of a long pandemic at your home studio!
  • Master: If you already have your project mixed but is missing the final touch. I will master it in-the-box with nice equipment. Besides I will deliver it in the format according your necessities. CDs, DVD, Streaming?
  • Record-Mix-Master: If your project is ready to get into the studio, I will produce the album recording with my team and then I will mix it and master it. You will get the full package!*
  • Live Session: With “Piso 33” we can produce an entire live session for you and your music. We can get great locations, including a recording studio. We will create the videos completely and give you two mixes, one for the video and, if you like, a second one for a live album.*
  • Full Music Production: With the musician and conductor Alfonsina Torrealba we will create a full music album for what ever you want. If you have many songs unfinished or you feel that need help to get it in the next level, we are perfect for it. With both musical and technological skills we create quality music projects and with a vast quantity of musicians ready to record for you.

*Only in Santiago de Chile