About Me

Hi you all! My name is Jesus Martinez and I am a Bachelor in Arts and Sound, a mix between a musician and a sound engineer with a great passion for the music and my work.
I’ve studied in the heart of the University of Chile’s conservatory, surrounded with musicians of all kinds, from classical to rockers, from pop performers to experimental. That’s why I’ve always have had a well developed artistic and musical skills allowing me to be a sound engineer with opinions that go further than technical and technological situations.

Along my studies in college, I decided to explore many areas of the sound field as theatrical plays and live concerts, becoming an engineer that had traveled throughout Chile working in many scenarios, big and small, private and public.

After finishing my degree, I moved to Los Angeles, California, to do my professional internship with Mauricio Guerrero, an amazing engineer and a mentor. By his side I worked at top-notch levels in the music industry.

With all the experience gained in the states I went back to Chile to create my own projects and I built the “¨Piso 33” company, a live recording company that published a series of YouTube videos of live performances on various places of Santiago de Chile.

Currently I am settled in Madrid, Spain and I am working as an independent engineer working with local artists and networking to grow into the music industry. My independent work its being done alongside the conductor Alfonsina Torrealba, together we are producing music here in Spain and remotely in Chile. In addition, I’m working with the famous musician and producer Paco Ortega.